Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Health or Hurting

Well, appx. a week ago I slipped at work and I strained my back and pulled a muscle in my upper right shoulder area. With muscle relaxers and ibuprofen not relieving my pain level; at my follow-up appointment Dr. Salppingo is trying a weeks worth of a mild steriod pills. If there is no relief of pain stilll, then I will be in physical therapy until he sees improvement. Of course, I get injured at the worse possible time. I've never joined a sport during my hihg school years so senior year I decided it would be fun to join the Tigerettes (dance team). We have been preparing for competition and now that I am injured I will be unable to compete with my squad. I'm still going with the girls to support and watch. Why do bad things happen when your so excited for an event? Oh well, my health comes first.